Long-term Learning Project VOLU.M.E was composed of
the training course + the seminar aimed at providing possibilities for EVS stakeholders to share knowledge and experience for the sake of developing competencies of youth workers and organisations in volunteer management and mentoring of EVS volunteers in order to improve quality of EVS projects as learning experiences in all levels – from the writing of a project right through the closing and evaluation.

TRAINING COURSE aimed in the exchange of expertise, investigating good practise, creating a support network amongst the partner organisations, development of tools, development of documentation that will enhance the quality of EVS projects.

Tools developed were expected to be implemented in a period of 8-10 months in existing EVS projects of the participant organisations.

SEMINAR was dealing with the feedback on implemented tools (products of the training) in real life situations of EVS projects as well as developing new products to improve the quality of EVS projects.
The seminar also focused on refining the tools for dissemination to other organisations involved in International EVS volunteering projects.

Topics: Quality in EVS projects, Management of Volunteers, Project Management, Roles of parties involved in EVS projects, Mentoring, Possible ways for overcoming obstacles in EVS projects, Creating Tools and Products.

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