Volunteer Management Enhanced 2022-23

When coordinating volunteering projects and while working with young people during the past decade, we have observed a general need to improve the quality of volunteering projects.

More specifically, we identified the needs to:

  • recognise the role and importance of youth workers and youth work;
  • promote non-formal education and methodology among adults and young people;
  • train youth workers regarding management of volunteering projects;
  • discuss and better define the meaning of volunteering and the rights and responsibilities of volunteers (specifically within the framework of ESC);
  • discuss and better define the role of coordinating/hosting/sending organisations;
  • develop and exchange (common) good-practices and tools

“Volunteer Management Enhanced (Volu.M.E)”

is a project that includes a Training Course (A1), a Community Support Phase and a follow-up Seminar (A2) focusing on promoting and raising awareness regarding youth work recognition, improving the quality of volunteering management, mentoring and inclusion of young people and promoting non formal methodology and education among young people and adults.

The team of participant from several  countries around Europe worked to the direction of  improving the volunteering experience for all the parties involved, the supporting, hosting and leading organisations, youth workers, volunteers and the mentors, by improving the quality of youth work, volunteer management, mentoring, inclusion, non formal education and methods. During the training  we focused on supporting the creation of connections and partnerships, the exchange of good practices and expertise. The participants were involved in activities investigating the competences that youth workers would need in fulfilling quality project, focusing on Youthpass and the ETS key Competences for youth-workers.  

From the evaluation of the process participants expressed that through their participation and involvement they had the chance to learn, clarify and grow personally and professionally. They were encouraged to follow up on the activities with their organizations and within projects implemented in the future. Now, we are preparing to go deeper in the process and topics for the second part of the activities in June 2023. Find out more in our VOLU.M.E Newsletter!!!

Funded by the Erasmus+ programme. Supported by:

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