“VOLU.M.E” Volunteer Management Enhanced was created to fill in a need of
organsations and persons to go deeper into elements concerning Volunteering Management.
It was created for an audience that had already at least one experience as
international EVS Hosting/Coordinating organization.
The term Enhanced promotes the idea of looking deeper into
Volunteer Management steps, realizing an exchange of expertise,
good practices, stories, disappointments, bad practices etc.
and building concrete tools that can contribute to the improvement of EVS/ESC projects.

Volu.M.E Project (Volunteer Management Enhanced) is a project that started in 2015 in the form of trainings and seminars. 8 activities were implemented until 2021 and hosted more than 125 participants, created 14 usable tools/outcomes. It’s focus is to enhance actors and their competencies in the sector of volunteer management. Specific focus is given to EVS and ESC projects. The link below will lead you to the online seminar workshops


This playlist contains the online workshops of the event implemented on the 9th of March and lead by the participants of the training. It also includes the introduction to the online seminar and also offers a tour to the Volu.M.E. project experience introduced by the facilitators. We are happy also host the Cypriot Commissioner of volunteerism and NGOs Mr. Yiannis Yiannakis.

Facilitators of the project:
Corina Pintea – Romania
Markus Rebitschek – Germany
Panayiotis Theodorou – Cyprus

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