Open places for a training series on “Volunteer Management & Mentoring” in Germany, Romania & Cyprus (2023 – 2024) – “Making Magic in the Kingdom of Volunteering” 


Dear colleagues & friends, 

We start from the belief, proven by more than 8 years of field experience, that  offering opportunities for organizations to build capacity concerning Volunteer Management Skills is essential for a quality implementation of international volunteering projects (focused e.g. on the European Solidarity Corps Programme – ESC). 

Based on this – 3 long-term partner organizations – EJBW, Weimar, Politistiko Ergastiri Ayion Omoloyioton, Lefkosia (Youth Accreditation holders), and Pro Vobis, Cluj-Napoca – hereby propose to you a sequence of 5 trainings, under the title: “Making Magic in the Kingdom of Volunteering”.

The proposed trainings are developed  as a result of our  common experience since 2015,  from the era of European Voluntary Service (EVS) up to European Solidarity Program (ESC) and aim to achieve common ground and understanding on volunteer management issues, mentoring skills, professional development regarding  youth workers key competences – based on the ETS Competence Model for Youth Workers, creating a community of practice and peer support among the implementers of European Volunteering projects. A special focus will be given to the role of mentors and competences for mentors. 

We are inviting volunteering project coordinators, (support) staff of ESC hosting & sending organisations, mentors (to be) of volunteers, facilitators actively involved in ESC & other (international) volunteering projects and ex-volunteers to join one or more of the following training activities under the title “Making Magic in the Kingdom of Volunteering”:

Volu.M.Entry: 20th – 26th of October 2023 in Weimar, GERMANY: 

·        Target group of the event: representatives (coordinators, staff, mentors, support-persons) from organisations that have entered the ESC program recently, or newcomers in the field of  volunteer management (either new or experienced organisation representatives ) 

Mentors Training (I): 20th – 27th of January 2024 in Lefkosia/Lysos/, CYPRUS

·        Target group of the event: newcomers in the field of mentoring & mentors to be

Volu.M.Experience: 16th -22nd of March 2024 in Cluj (rural area nearby), ROMANIA:

·        Target group of the event: EX volunteers who are still involved or potentially involved in the field of youth work – we aim to gather the experience and perspectives of former volunteers as  participants in volunteering projects and define issues, content, topics related to volunteer management, so that future projects may rely on lessons learned from practice,  for improved quality implementation.  

Mentors Training (II): 12th – 18th of April 2024 in Weimar, GERMANY

·        Target group of the event: participants who have  had at least some experience in mentoring volunteers (at least 3 volunteers mentored)

Volu.M.Enhanced: 25th of June – 1st of July 2024 in Lysos/Nicosia, CYPRUS

·        Target group of the event: representatives (coordinators, staff, mentors, support-persons ) from organisations that have experience in both EVS and ESC   projects (at least 3 project implemented and finalised), for sharing a deeper introspection on the volunteer management process, challenges and good practices in European Volunteering projects

The training series is open for participants from so-called “Erasmus+ programme countries”. Interested persons are invited to choose one or more of the above-listed trainings, according to role, need of staff development & interest. Please apply until 17th of September 2023, via the following link:

Further information:


We will reimburse the travel costs on the basis of the cheapest possibilities, e.g. second class railway tickets, APEX-flights etc., within the provided limit, from their place of origin to the venue of the activity and return, accompanied by original and/or electronic documents (tickets, invoices, bookings, boarding passes etc.), based on the rates of the “distance calculator” of the European Commission and related regulations. 


Furthermore a financial contribution from each participant is required upon individual situation & decision per event:

·        Reduced fee: 25,00 EUR (e.g. pupils, unemployed persons, volunteers)

·        Standard fee: 50,00 EUR (e.g. students)

·        Solidarity fee: 75,00 EUR (e.g. persons in job/employment)

Further information will be shared after application and selection. In case you have any further questions, please contact us via We apologize for double sendings.

Your team of “Making Magic in the Kingdom of Volunteering” 

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