Volunteer Management Enhanced (VOLU.M.E)” is a project that includes a Training Course (A1), a practice phase and a Seminar (A2) in 2023 focusing on promoting and raising awareness regarding youth work recognition, improving the quality of volunteering management, mentoring and inclusion of young people and promoting non formal methodology and education among young people and adults.

It is Funded by Erasmus Plus program.

These activities aim to improve the volunteering experience for all the parties involved, the supporting, hosting and coordinating organisations, youth workers, volunteers and the mentors, through the creation of connections and partnerships, the exchange of good practices and expertise and the creation of tools and new good practices. We expect that all involved will have a chance to learn, clarify and grow personally and professionally, support their organizations and the implementation of projects in the future. 

The seminar was inplemented from the 24th June – 01 July 2023, in Lefkosia and in Lysos. Participants engaged actively in activities leading sessions and workshops investigating volunteer management in depth, enhancing the capacity of their organisations but also investing on personal growth.

Comments given on the completion of the project:

“..another successful training. Thank you for everything. From accommodation, food, hospitality to knowledge, advice, ideas and much more. Words are not enough to describe what you do. I hope I can come to other trainings as well, although the word training describes a very small part of what you do. You always inspire us. You showed us that you do everything you do with care and love. From the selection of volunteers and trainings to practical accounting.” E.

” Both December and June were for me like a mini Materclass in facilitation, The work you do both locally and internationally with Politistiko is precious and needed. The training was both a lesson and holidays which a both needed.  Thank you for your experience, patience and calm guiding energy” S.

“The facilitators did a fantastic Job, The scope of the project was not only fulfilled but exceeded expectations. The way they presented the topic was sounified and easy to to sink in, that really inspired.  They have this calming aura that really makes people relax and take it easy. Love it!Thank you for having and choosing such a fantastic group that was unified only because of YOU” C.

Volu.M.E Seminar 2023
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Funded by the Erasmus+ programme

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