On the occasion of the “Ohi *” commemoration day, the Dance Group of Politistiko Ergastiri performed in the magnificent setting between the Cathedral of Ayion Ioannis and the Archbishop’s Palace. Dancing has this wonderful thing that it cannot lie … For a novice eye unfamiliar with Cypriot  and Greek dances, the performances of the dancers are the perfect illustration of this. Without understanding the exact meaning of each of the steps or dancing moves, we can nevertheless understand the softness as a measure of each of the choreographies and read the mutual respect evoked by the work of the dancing couples. Despite being anchored in tradition and therefore that we can guess more in touch with earth, the dancers are nevertheless still very light as if they have springs on their feet, they float above the ground … maybe to get a little more closer to the “sky”?! 

The contrast with the official setting of the event did not seem to destabilize the dancers whose proximity let the kindness shine through their eyes: reflection of a Cypriot soul? or quite simply a reflection of dance in its universality … It is in any case  in the movement of a dress of the finale that we could find the parable of the world which turns and deploys it’s colours as long as the link is maintained, if only by a small white handkerchief … even if it requires a long work of embroidery! 

* Ohi (day of the “no” ΟΧΙ ) celebrated every October 28th,  the refusal before the Italian ultimatum in 1940

By: Christelle Chaulet

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