Beacon of Values

Project description

The “Beacon of Values” project, is aiming to create and develop a tangible, transferable tool that will be used mainly by educators and youth workers in schools, educational institutions and NGOs, to create courses aiming to promote, communicate and enhance active citizenship and common values in every day life, in order to formulate attitudes and skills to combat xenophobia, racism and discrimination, using creative, innovative and non formal education methods and activities. 

The project will focus on non-formal learning methodology, placing the participants in the center of the learning process, relying on their interest and motivation for a profound and multi-level learning approach and emphasising their own responsibility for learning.

The end results will be the Curriculum for the Training of Multipliers in 4 languages, the Tool Box and 15 youth workers and educators trained as multipliers. We expect that the project will have the effect of a continuous stimulation of learning and evolving. Moreover, we plan to create a chain of exchange in terms of expertise, skills, ideas and perspectives in the field of youth education. 

Kick of Meeting:

22-24 January 2022

Hosted by EJBW – Stiftung Europäische Jugendbildungs- und Jugendbegegnungsstätte in  Weimar,  Germany. 

Arrival on the 22nd and departure on the 24 January 2022 – 2 working days

All costs (Travel, Accommodation, Subsistence) will be covered by the approved projects budget for all  6 participants of the meeting. (2 participants from Germany, 2 From Romania, 2 from Cyprus). 



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