The neighborhood

Our NGO (Non Government Organisation), Politistiko Ergastiri Agion Omologiton, has 10 years of experience in youth work within our local neighborhood working with dance, theater and music.  Its activities vary from local to international with an emphasis on the involvement of youths an younger children in cultural activities, mostly involved in the local neighborhood.

Our neighborhood, and historical neighborhood  dated since archaic – roman period a burial site in ancient times, one of the oldest settlement outside the wall of Lefkosia, has lately been reviving after a long period of decay.  New families are moving in restored houses considered as national heritage architecture.  The neighborhood consists of habitats from different tolerance and participation.

Our organisation is actively collaborating with the local primary school, high school and the local church committee.  This involvement includes co-organizing events or even responding to proposed activities.

Following the link below you can watch a short film (created by our Cinematography and Photography workshop: The core of Ayii Omoloyites

You may have a tour of the area through Google Earth

You may also have a virtual tour from the links below:


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