Educational Programs

In Evthalia’s Mansion: it can host 2 school classes each time, up to 50 children.

Let me tell you a story: can host up to 25 children.

In Evthalia’s Mansion: Classes C, D, E, St of Primary school

Let me tell you a story: A, B, C of Primary school

Both programs

Starting time:  9:30

Duration: 80 minutes

In Evthalia’s Mansion: The cost is 3 euros per child with the minimum of 140 euros for running the program.

Let me tell you a story: The cost is 3 euros per child with the minimum of 60 euros for running the program. 

a. Presidential Palace: After consulting with the secretariat of the Presidential Mansion, you could tour the children on site. Tel: 22867400

b. Presidential Park: At the corner of Presidential Street and Aghios Omologites Street, children can enjoy a pleasant break from their day-to-day activities in children’s playgrounds, grass benches, or even an outdoor lesson. For the Cultural Workshop, children walk in the neighborhood of the Holy Confessors (10΄) observing the traditional architecture of a historic Nicosia core or walking in the linear park of Pediio.

c. The Archaic – Hellenistic Tombs of Ayioi Omoloyites: The tombs are located beneath the houses in the neighborhood of the Holy Confessors, at the Necropolis and date from the Archaic to the Hellenistic period. They may be visited at the following points: Artos Foundation Tel. 22445455B. “Aegean” School of Fine and Applied Arts tel. 22 445757C. Church of the Holy Apostles. Georgios Efstratiou Tel 22371958

you may register with this link  herre or calling at 22 256782   ‎



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