World Wide Village 2016 – Lysos Paphos | World Wide Village 2016 – Lysos Paphos

World Wide Village 2016 – Lysos Paphos

World Wide Village Lysos 2016

Our NGO, Politistiko Ergastiri Agion Omoloyiton, after 16 years of experience in youth work within our local neighbourhood and 9 years of European projects (Youth in Action, Life Long Learning, Erasmus +), has been implementing the project World Wide Village emphasising  that intercultural experience gained through these projects is a very important element in promoting European awareness on the local level.
Wanting to expand this opportunity in the rural areas of Cyprus, we are promoting this short EVS project to be implemented with, and within rural villages of Paphos.
An EVS project which will host 15 volunteers from 6 different countries within the villages, with the cooperation of young people coming from local organisations, will give the opportunity of a long term learning process on the local level. This year the project is traveling to Lysos.
It is also about promoting environmental issues but mostly intercultural exchange and active participation in areas where it is needed. Implicating volunteers from countries other than Cyprus will enhance our goals of tolerance, acceptance and awareness of cultural diversity leading to integration and intercultural experiences.

  • 3 coordinators from Politistiko Ergastiri will be with the volunteers throughout the duration of the project.
  •  Volunteers may freely suggest implementing cultural activities, such as music events, dance, EVS promotion events etc, which are especially appreciated and encouraged if they involve the local community and local young people.
  • Work in fields collecting carobs, almonds, cleaning forest tracks and beaches, organising events .

Their work, products and experience will be posted on this page for the audience to follow.