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Ergologic The Company was established in 1999 in Patras and specializes in the design, installation, support and maintenance of integrated computing solutions to SMEs and large companies in the private sector. The rapid development and the recruitment of experienced – scientific staff urged her rapidly, and today a leader in the field of integrated computing solutions both in the region of Achaia and the wider region of Western Greece.

Provides Web Site of the Cultural Workshop and its maintenance free.


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The Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture as the main player support and development of civilization in Cyprus, the plans included the creation of the Cultural Portal of Cyprus, to serve as a basis upon which to build a national network of cultural information, and node communication and cooperation with the European Cultural Portal and Cultural Gates of other European Union countries. The aim is to gradually integrate into the program all stakeholders cultural information of Cyprus in order to build a sound network, which will display the Cypriot culture around the world.

The Cultural Services of the MEC is the main sponsor of the Cultural Laboratory Omoloyiton and Ierodiakonou mansion.



At Early Learning Centre, we do all we can to help mums help children grow into happy, self-confident people.

We create fantastic toys – toys that help develop vital skills, toys that help children get off to the best possible start, and toys that are tremendous fun.

All our toys are designed to help children explore the boundaries of their imaginations and creativity , to make learning fun and help children be all they can be.