EVS Realm : Masters of the EVS learning path – a Training for Mentors in EVS Hosting Organizations. | EVS Realm : Masters of the EVS learning path – a Training for Mentors in EVS Hosting Organizations.

EVS Realm : Masters of the EVS learning path – a Training for Mentors in EVS Hosting Organizations.

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Politistiko Ergastiri Ayion Omoloyiton is searching for 7 participants from Cyprus

who are currently involved in mentoring volunteers within an EVS project, mentors who are eager to become

Masters of the EVS learning process, in the magical EVS Realm!

How to apply that? Fill in this application form. 

Why should you join us? Because you believe:

  • In the powerful learning process of volunteering
  • That mentoring is a crucial element in a European volunteer’s growth process
  • You can create the conditions for valuable learning experiences to occur for the young European volunteers you are/will be mentoring

The intensive learning process we have prepared will help you prove yourself right. 😊


  • the mentoring concept – history and background, different approaches, understanding roles & tasks of mentors in the EVS context and even in more general European volunteering projects
  • concrete mentoring skills – using a variety of practical methods and experiential learning, focusing on reinforced mentorship and the needs of youth with less opportunities, developing your own mentoring skills and practical competences
  • mentoring attitudes – what attitudes you need as a mentor for international volunteers, working on motivation of mentors, ways to keep and increase it
  • exchange of tools as well as creating new common mentoring tools – thus increasing the Mentors Toolbox
  • building the capacity of active mentors within EVS hosting organizations to provide meaningful learning experiences for the international volunteers.

How will we do this?

We propose a two-part learning path for you – a process aimed at improving the quality of the EVS projects, focused on the learning experience of volunteers, implemented by 25 selected organizations from the 4 partner countries (10 from Romania and 5 each from Cyprus, Poland and Belgium)

Part 1a 6-day residential training – for persons who are interested to acquire and/or develop mentoring skills and attitudes and are committed to use the newly developed competences in EVS mentoring relationships, in projects designed following the project approach.

Part 2 a one-year follow-up process – what you will learn you’ll share with others within a professional community for mentors that will receive further opportunities for learning, sharing and increasing skills and will get involved in a piloting phase of the project intellectual outputs.

Part 1. The training  Masters of the EVS learning path

When? 23 – 30 June 2018 (including arrival and departure days, 6 working days)

Who? It brings together 28 participants from Romania, Cyprus, Poland and Belgium

What? The selected participants will learn for their own mentoring activities, but also lay the bases for a new Mentors Community for European Volunteering

By participating in the project, Mentor-Masters will:

  • explore and learn new tools relevant for the mentoring process for which we aim in our Realm
  • develop skills and attitudes that will increase the quality of the EVS projects designed afterwards, especially their learning dimension;
  • develop their motivation and interest in creating meaningful learning paths for the EVS volunteers and be more prepared to already guide these paths;

Part 2. The Follow-Up

When? July 2018 – July 2019 – the journey only begins after the training! Among the most exciting parts of the journey we can already foresee:

  • supporting the connection between volunteers, the hosting organization and the local community
  • improving their mentoring relationships with volunteers, to offer meaningful learning settings in the EVS Realm
  • increasing the chances for a smoother adaptation of the volunteers in their hosting communities
  • starting and being part of the Professional Community of Mentors that will share experiences and support each other in the implementation of future co-operations in European Volunteering projects,
  • Piloting Phase – using the tools offered in the EVS Realm project in actual EVS projects in your own organizations (the EVS Strong Houses) and even developing other tools and materials for other Houses in the Realm,
  • offering feedback on the tools and materials developed and tested by you during the piloting phase, so that the project team can incorporate your insights, improve and finalize them
  • disseminating the final versions of the tools and sharing this experience with other stakeholders (locally and in specific multiplier events)
  • increasing the general quality of EVS/European Volunteering, as mentors are a key element in the EVS mechanism, not well enough valorized until now.


We will use methods specific to non-formal education and learning, both individual and group methods, taking into consideration the participants’ needs. Some example of the methods are: group work, role-play, simulation, case-studies, debates, learning and introspection cards, creative activities, practical workshops, personal development tools, individual and group reflections, etc.


If you are :

  • a current or potential mentor in EVS/Volunteering projects from one of the 25 organizations selected to take part the project (which attended the training in August 2017 in Romania – Becoming a Strong House in the EVS Realm)
  • interested to acquire and/or develop mentoring competences
  • committed to use the newly developed competences in mentoring relationships with volunteers in projects designed following the project approach.
  • motivated in taking part in the follow-up process of building a Mentors Community for European Volunteering, including testing the outputs, offering feedback, insights and using the tools created in the EVS Realm project;
  • able to communicate well in English and willing to commit to this long-term learning process;
  • in time to fill in the application form until the set deadline (25th February 2018);

…then welcome to the EVS Realm!

If ALL this sounds like something you want to do, apply now!

How to do that? Fill in this application form.

The application procedure is open for organizations interested in participating in the entire process, until the 2nd of March 2018, each applicant being informed via email about the results of the selection until the 20th of March 2018.


The training will take place in Lysos Village, in the North-Western part of Cyprus, approximately 2 hours from the Larnaca airport and 1 hour from Paphos airport. Selected participants will be offered organized transportation with the entire group, by bus, from Polis Chrysochous to the training venue.

Participation costs?

According to the rules of the Erasmus+ Programme, the costs covered for the training course include: 100% of accommodation and food, as well as international travel costs (up to 275 euro for Romanian participants and 360 euro for Polish and Belgian participants, based on the distance band between Cyprus and Romania, Poland and Belgium).

About us

Read more about the EVS Realm project here.

Any questions you may have, please send them via email to corina@provobis.ro and panayiotisth@gmail.com