European Voluntary Service (EVS) REALM : Masters of the learning path | European Voluntary Service (EVS) REALM : Masters of the learning path

European Voluntary Service (EVS) REALM : Masters of the learning path


The EVS Realm: Masters of the learning path project is a Strategic Partnership that aims to increase quality of EVS experience and EVS learning process of EVS volunteers and hosting organizations. The project objectives are: 1.Build capacity of beginner EVS hosting organizations to design meaningful projects that respond to community needs while providing valuable learning experiences for the volunteers 2.Increase quality of the learning experience of the EVS volunteers by developing training and resources for the mentors engaged in EVS 3.Increase awareness of relevant stakeholders about the challenges faced by organizations in ensuring the quality of the EVS experiences and theevs-realm2key role of mentors in enhancing the quality of the EVS experience for the volunteer,the organizations & the community The strategic partnership is made up of 4 organizations experienced in EVS and having had contact with the program from all the different an
gles and perspectives, who also come from very different corners of Europe:Politistiko Ergastiri Cultural Workshop from Cyprus, ANAWOJ from Poland, European Volunteer Center in Belgium and the applicant organization–Pro Vobis–National Resource Center for Volunteering from Romania. In the context of the EVS 20-year anniversary in 2016,the partner organizations analyzed the need for an increased quality in the management of EVS learning process,placing in the middle of this process the key actors who can influence and impact the way the learning journey goes.Besides the project coordinator and the volunteer him/herself,the most important role lies in the hands of the mentor.Thus,a vast part of the present project focuses on improving and creating mentoring tools and a framework for development for mentors&project coordinators in different organizations across Europe. Main project activities: -Transnational partner meetings–for planning, implementing and evaluating the project activities and creating content and tools -Research on the status of mentoring in EVS,tools that already exist and needs still to be fulfilled -Creating an online professional community for EVS practitioners (mentors&project coordinators) to support and motivate each other,exchange tools, dillemmas and learn innovatively -Creating a set of 5 intellectual outputs to reach project objectives:a Training Design for hosting organizations focused on Quality in EVS project implementation (O1), a Training Module Design for Training for Mentors in EVS (O2),containing a complete training curriculum,topics to be addressed,methodology & activities to be implemented in training,that can be then transferred to other organizations or institutions interested in training their own mentors, ToolBox for Mentors in EVS (O3),meant to support their concrete activities with the volunteers,a Mentoring Video to raise awareness,understanding and recognition for mentor work (O4) and a Policy Paper on EVS Quality (O5) to communicate project conclusions to European volunteering policy-makers. -Promoting EVS in smaller communities which do not have access to it -Delivering 2 training activities to test,consolidate and use the outputs produced: a Training for Mentors in EVS (C2),for 25 participants, s a test phase of the intellectual outputs developed and a Training for Hosting Organizations (C1)-25 who are beginners in EVS,have implemented none or 1 project and feel the need to understand how to properly structure a project to reach aims of both the hosting community,the volunteer and the hosting organization. -Involving training beneficiaries into a unique piloting phase of outputs1-3,meant to test their suitability and utility before launching them in the wider EVS community

-Organizing Multiplying Events locally in each partner country,to disseminate the project outputs and results,aiming to reach more than 90 local stakeholders -Large international Multiplying event,hosted by CEV in Brussels and planned to gather at least 90 participants interested/involved in the EVS movement,to share and exchange expertise,good practices,stories and tools that can push the EVS movement forward–60 international&30 national participants,using the opportunity to bring into the discussions European-level stakeholders and policymakers.

– General project management activities planning,monitoring,evaluation,promotion,communication and dissemination) With all the activities planned we envisage an increase in the number of skilled,motivated mentors in EVS projects,more profound learning experiences for EVS volunteers, reduced risks of volunteers leaving their projects early,better chances for generating genuine community impact in the hosting communities as well as an increased quality in the general management of EVS projects.The 4 project partners will be able to manage complex European projects and will extend their services to other NGOs in their countries, there will be concrete and attractive tools for mentors to creatively support learning processes.