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Dance Workshop

Traditional Dance Workshop

The Politistiko Ergastiri opened in February 1999 initially as Folk Dance Workshop. Founded by people who are particularly interested in the traditional culture of Cyprus and Greece. It began its activities with an emphasis in dance, creating dancing groups of children and adults. The focus of the Workshop’s objectives is the pursuit with the traditions, customs, dance, song, music and clothing, which are vital elements of our popular culture.

This effort is expressed by the following actions:

Ethnographic research in Cyprus in order to collect data from dancers and musicians as primary sources.  A part of these researches was the collecting of material through interviews, and video-recordings

Bibliographical research with the parallel creation of a research record material library

Coordinating seminars for Hellenic dances, involving experts in relevant subjects (Asia Minor, Crete, Karpathos, Thrace).

Creation of checkroom with traditional costumes in order to respond to the equivalent local and time frames that the dances refer.

With great care have been prepared or purchased around 80 costumes from the whole of Greece (Thrace, Ionian, Aegean, Central Greece, Asia Minor and Cyprus).

Pursuit and achievement accompaniment of dances with live music, either by Cypriot musicians and musicians, either Greeks, hosted in Cyprus by the Workshop. The Workshop has made a significant number of performances with educational and entertaining character, always within the framework set by a traditional feast.

Major performances in Axiotheas Mansion Street (Cultural Center of the University of Cyprus): The Workshop has ongoing cooperation with the University of Cyprus since 2000 and especially with the events of the Cultural Festival

June 2000: Dances from Epirus, Macedonia, the Morea, Rumeli and Thrace

June 2001: From Asia Minor … in Cyprus

July 2002: Coasts and Dance – Dances from Cyprus, Asia Minor, the Ionian and the Aegean

July 2003: Historical retrospect in Cretan music – from the Venetian period until today

July – September 2003: Islands and Sea – Dances from Cyprus, the Aegean, Ionian, Crete

June 2004: The ‘Horostasi’ – Dances from Karpathos, Crete and Cyprus

September 2005: Music and Dances from Cyprus, Asia Minor and Constantinople. (were hosted: the Dance Group of the Cultural Center of New Eritrea and Dilek Koc)

September 2007: Today marriage is – Musical performance


Performances abroad

Μάιος 2002: San Isidor 2002 – Events for the accession countries of the European Union (Madrid, Spain)

May 1, 2004: Representation of Cyprus in events for accession to the European Union (Dublin, IRELAND)

Ioulios 2005: International County-wandering Festival, Meeting of children, younger, adult dance groups (Zegket, HUNGARY)

December 2007: Invited by the Permanent Mission of Cyprus to UNESCO (Paris). Events for the Intangible Cultural Heritage (Intangible Cultural Heritage) (Paris, France)

April 2009: Festival Ollin Kan (Mexico City, Mexico)

May 2010: Europe Day Celebration (Madrid, Spain)


Other performances

May 2001: Municipal dances with reference to the celebrations of Easter, Famagusta Gate

April 2006: Lent and Easter: Traditions, Events, Dances, Games Melina Mercouri

May 2007: Time is turning – customary circle events, dances and songs from Cyprus and Greece, Melina Mercouri Hall

May 2007: Pantelis Thalassinos sings with children of primary school Saints Confessors

April 2009 and November 2009: “The Kypris and Noufris” – Cyprus Tale, Cinema Palace


Lessons of traditional Dance for kids and teenagers: 18:15 – 19:45.

Lessons for the adults: 19:30 – 21:00.