«BERGMAN 1918 – 2018» | «BERGMAN 1918 – 2018»

«BERGMAN 1918 – 2018»

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Event title «BERGMAN 1918 – 2018»


Description: A tribute to Ingmar Bergman for the 100 years since his birth


Type of event Series of Film Screenings
Organizers Cultural Workshop Ayion Omologiton

Cynema Xanthis 3

Cyprus Contemporary Film Center

Pantheon Cinema

Location Cultural Workshop Ayion Omoloyiton & Pantheon Cinema
Supporter The Cultural Services of The Minictry of Education and Culture
Collaborator The Embassy of Sweden in Cyprus


Ingmar Bergman is one of the most important and influential film and theater directors of the 20th Century. His cinematic legacy is still relevant and the unique aesthetic quality of his films never ceases to impress audiences all over the globe.

2018 is a landmark year, since it will be 100 years from his birth (Uppsala, 14 July 1918). The proposed event is a fitting celebration of the life and work of this great artist in Nicosia, Cyprus. The main goal is to bring the work of Ingmar Bergman to the audience in Cyprus and celebrate his life and work.

Seven of Bergman’s most important films plus one documentary about Bergman will be screened at two locations on six Wednesdays (and a Monday) between May 16 and July 9, 2018:

Opening: May 16 at the Cultural Workshop Ayion Omologiton. It will include an introduction, the screening of “Persona”, and a reception afterwards.

May 23: The Seventh Seal – Pantheon Cinema

May 30: Wild Strawberries – Cultural Workshop Ayion Omologiton

June 6: Fanny and Alexander – Pantheon Cinema

June 13: Bergman Island (Documentary) & Autumn Sonata – Pantheon Cinema

July 4: Saraband – Pantheon Cinema

July 9: Summer with Monica – Pantheon Cinema

Guest speakers will introduce each film.

The screenings are part of the «Cinema Wednesdays» program organized by the Cultural Workshop Ayion Omologiton, which is supported by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus.

The entrance is free. All screenings start at 8pm.

All films are for audiences over 18 years of age.

More information on tel.22256782.